Monday, July 22, 2013


     I arrived in Lisbon via train on July 12, 2013, stayed in the city for 2 nights and then went to Setúbal and stayed there for 5 nights.  So many things happened and unfortunately I didn't have internet in Setúbal to update.  You also just have to be in the mood for these things.  I write when I want to and when I don't want to, I don't.  I do regret stalling as I feel like I don't write as detailed of a post when I have so many days to cover in my head.  I'll give it a go with some highlights!

     Lisbon was the first time I stayed in a hostel room mixed with strangers.  I have only stayed at a hostel three times before.  Once in Isle of Skye, Scotland with a tour group, in Mallorca, Spain with 3 girl friends and in Madrid where I had my own room.  I'm glad I've done it because it was a great experience.  I met Maud, a Belgium guy and we got along right away with our history degrees and love of football.  He and his friends Liam and Jolien were kind enough to invite me along to see more of Lisbon with them on July 13.  Unfortunately the weather was a bit gloomy, but we had a great time. We left the hostel around 11:30 and didn't return until about 21:00. 

 St. George's Castle

 Maud, Liam and I

 Flea Market

 Portuguese pork and chips

 Jeronimos Monastery

 Cristo-Rey Statue

 Belem Tower

     After staying in Lisbon for a couple nights, Emanuel picked me up and took me to his hometown Setúbal which is about 30 minutes away from Lisbon.  I stayed in Setúbal for 5 nights hanging out with Emanuel, his flatmate Rui and two girls from Sydney Keisha and Mei.  It was a pretty relaxing few days with no agenda.  We went to the beach, went into Lisbon a couple of days, ate some seafood and just hung out.

Images in Lisbon:

 With the owner of Solar dos Presuntos, a very famous restaurant in Lisbon.


 Chapito Clown School by day, restaurant/bar by night with Keisha and Mei.

 Portuguese Custard Tart at Pastéis de Belém

Images in Setúbal:

 Tried some snails, not bad!

 Amazing seafood rice soup!

Emanuel and I

     I love Portugal!  It is definitely the number one place so far on my trip that I know I will come back to.  Porto was such a special place to me and the rest was great as well.  I love the ambiance, the people, the desserts and the list goes on.  A wonderful country and I'll be back!

"Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and 
durable happiness there is in our lives".
-C.S. Lewis