Monday, February 25, 2013

Koh Phi Phi has my heart!

     I can't really put into words how amazing my time was in Phi Phi this past week.  Firstly I wasn't sick like I was last time which already made everything a million times better.  Hands down one of the happiest times in my life.  I experienced all sorts of people from all walks of life and made amazing friendships that I will never forget.  I did all sorts of new things I have never done and it really was just phenomenal.

On the ferry boat from Krabi to Phi Phi.

 On the long boat from the pier to Phi Phi Village.

     The night that I arrived, my cousin Joop wanted to go catch crabs to eat.  I definitely wasn't going to miss out on this experience as I have never caught anything in my life.  We waited until later in the night when the water was lower and was about calf length deep.  We waded through the water looking very carefully for crabs because they were very camouflaged in the sand.  It took me a while to be able to spot them and be useful on this hunt, but I did end up coming in use.  The method of catching them was trapping the crab with a stick against the sand and quickly grabbing them by hand to put in the bucket.

 An extremely funny man!  

 My cousin found a puffer fish and caught it just for me to take a picture, then we released it.  So cute!

 Only the beginning...

     The friends above caught crabs for a few hours.  I was very tired and could only last one hour, so I headed back to my bungalow.  On the way, I ran into some friends and went for a walk along the beach.  Great guys from Myanmar, one was in Phi Phi for the first time.

Love their outfits!  Men wear these sarongs to relax.

Lana Bay

My fearless leader, cousin Jut.

The store my cousin created in a cave to sell food and drinks to travelers with friends.

Love these guys, the laughter never stops.

Nui Bay

Snorkeling is so awesome, even better with an underwater camera!

Sleeping on the job... hahaha Thai Style, relaxed work environment.

My cousin Jut and I.

My friend New and I.

Relaxed, on the ground easy dinner with friends.  Amazing laughs with a lot of great people.

     The following night after spending the day relaxing and at the beach, a big group of us took a long boat across the island to where all the night life was.  It was literally insane!  People everywhere, fire shows...  Have never seen anything like it before.  Definitely a new experience to say the very least!

Jumping rope caught on fire.  My cousin and friends did this along with jumping through a fire hoop.  I was only brave enough to do the fire limbo.

 Sad day leaving the island.

     The happiness and peace I felt while on the island... unexplainable.  I was able to spend time with people that hardly had anything and yet they were still happy.  It really gives you a new perspective on life and the materialism that the Western world has.  Just remember, we are all humans and we are all equal in the sense of creation.  We may have not all been blessed with certain opportunities, but we all have flesh and blood.  Treat all good people well and they treat you well.  Smile at them and they smile at you.  We may have hundreds of different languages in this world, but everyone smiles the same.

     Koh Phi Phi, spending time with my cousins, helping catch crabs, swimming, snorkeling, meeting people from all around the world, making great friends with the locals, eating, drinking, laughing and speaking in 3 different languages all at once, singing with my cousin as he played a ukulele on the beach, selling food and drinks to travelers inside a cave, learning more about the country I came from, no internet, no phone calls and living a simple life... I have been blessed beyond belief and I have experienced euphoria!

"Love one another and help others to rise to the 

higher levels, simply by pouring out love.  Love is 

infectious and the greatest healing energy." 

-Sai Babba