Friday, June 28, 2013


     On June 25, 2013 Cherine and I went on a mini road trip out of Bern.  Our first stop was Thun.  Thun is a small city that also has the Aare River running through it.  Man, I just love that river!  When we arrived there, I contacted an old Swiss friend of my fathers, Martin.  He met up with us for a drink by the riverside.

          My father, Richard and Martin met in a youth hostel in Hong Kong many years ago and spent quite a bit of time traveling together all over the world, Germany, Greece, Thailand to name a few. Martin was also there in Thailand when my father met my mother. I met Martin when I was 7 years old just a few months before my father passed away. It was such an amazing experience to see him again after all these years and hear some stories about their time together. One of the first things Martin said to me, "You are traveling all over the world, just like your father!"  It was hard for me to hold back tears because it was such a nice and special meeting.  

 Aare River

 Rivella, a Swiss drink

 Martin and I

     Afterwards, Cherine and I went to Interlaken.  I was told that it was a must see place by a tourist on the train to Zurich a previous day.  I personally did not think it was all that special.  Just a touristy place.  Lake Thun between Thun and Interlaken is absolutely beautiful though!  Definitely worth seeing, but the city of Interlaken is nothing special.  On our way home, Cherine stopped by her horse stable to show me her horse.  They had some very cute ponies!

 Lake Thun

     The following day, June 26th, was my last day in Switzerland.  I spent a nice time in the morning talking to Cherine and her mother.  I also decided to get rid of half of my clothes in order to save on flying costs.  I am not kidding...  Pack light in Europe, it is cheaper!  Cherine took me to the train station and I was of to see Geneva before I flew out of the airport.  Geneva is a nice city with another beautiful lake.  I was glad to have had time to wander around this city for a few hours.  I was able to meet up with a friend, Stephane, whom I met in Thailand when I was helping my cousin sell beers out of a cave.  He and I just had a drink at the airport for a short time prior to my departure, but was nice to see him again after meeting across the world.

 Cherine, Anette and I

 Lake Geneva

     I am going to miss Switzerland and definitely plan to return one day.  If you love the mountains and fresh water, this is the place to be.  It is such a beautiful country!  Big thanks to Cherine and Anette for welcoming me into there home.  Cherine was a wonderful tour guide and I had such an amazing time!

Goodbye Switzerland, Hello South of France!

"You know more of a road by having traveled it than by all the conjectures and descriptions in the world". -William Hazlitt