Saturday, April 27, 2013

Liverpool/Newcastle upon Tyne

     On April 23, 2013, I took a train from Manchester to Liverpool.  I arrived in the evening and then left 2 days later early in the morning, so I only spent one full day there.  The first evening I went for a walk around with a friend, David, who showed me Anfield Stadium where Liverpool F.C. plays.  Then we walked to Everton Park which was really nice and had a beautiful view of Liverpool.  

 Anfield Stadium

 View of Liverpool.

     The following day was Beatles Day!  First I went to the Cavern, a club where the Beatles played 292 times.  After this, I went to The Beatles Story Museum which was wonderful!  I think I ended up spending about 5 hours here.  The first portion was about the Beatles from the beginning to when they broke up and then about the lives of each individual Beatle afterwards.  About a 5 minute walk away, they had a brilliant exhibit on Elvis Presley and how much he had influenced The Beatles.  It was amazing!  A museum on two of my favorite artists of all time.  I can't explain how much memorabilia I have that is about Elvis, the Beatles, and also Bob Marley.  So lucky to have been to where it all began for the Beatles, Liverpool!

 The original entrance to the Cavern Club.

 Mr. John Lennon

 Yellow Submarine!

 Inside a yellow submarine!  (Display)

 John's infamous glasses!

 River Mersey

     On April 25th, 2013, I arrived in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.  After dropping all my things off at my friend Lorenzo's flat, we went for a walk around the city stopping at St. James Park, Newcastle F.C.'s stadium and next to the River Tyne.  The following day, we traveled 30 minutes to the coast.  It was very cold and very windy, but Whitley Bay and the North Sea were beautiful.  It was a wonderful few days in Newcastle.  I was also very spoiled as I had an Italian cooking me pasta!  Doesn't get more authentic than that!

 St. James Park

 North Sea

 Lorenzo and I

 Whitley Bay


Now I am in Edinburgh, Scotland ready to see all the amazing castles and countryside!

"Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be".
-Abraham Lincoln