Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello from Argentina! Buenos Aires

     What can I say about Argentina?  It is absolutely amazing!  It was my favorite country on this trip and the one I can't wait to get back to.  My only thoughts prior to leaving on this 2 month journey was that the beef was going to be insanely good and that Buenos Aires was very European.  After experiencing the Argentine energy in Brazil for the World Cup and spending time with my new Argentine friends Rodrigo and Angie, I had very high expectations for more, and Argentina did not disappoint.

     Right when we arrived in Buenos Aires on July 17, 2014 and took a cab from the airport to the hotel, I was in love.  I admit that Europe has my heart.  I've been to 6 continents now, and Europe will always hold that special place.  Buenos Aires is the Europe of South America.  The architecture is spot on to Paris.  The clothing that Argentines wear and the way that they look physically is very similar to Europeans.  Most people are of European heritage because their ancestors immigrated over.  Argentina is the perfect combination of true South American culture with European flare and I found the country to be lovely.  Also... BEST LOOKING MEN IN THE WORLD LADIES!

Empanadas are basically the most delicious food ever!


     On July 18, we met up with a new friend Leo, who was kind enough to show us around Buenos Aires.  He has a car which made it much easier to see the city.  We really saw a lot through his guidance and I can't say thank you enough!  At night, he took us to a gazebo where older people meet to dance tango.  The dancers were very sweet and willing to show us how to dance.  I am horrible by the way...  HAHA, but I am glad I got taught tango where it originated by some experts.

 Argentine steak is amazing!


     One of the best parts of traveling is to see what the locals do and Leo gave us an opportunity to do just that.  Since we were in South America, I would have never guessed that rugby would be big, but it was.  We spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon surrounded by 100 men playing rugby.  Quite the experience.  This is where it was solidified that Argentines are quite handsome. ;-)  Go St. Brendan's Rugby Club!

     After all the rugby, Leo picked me up at night to attend a party.  A friend of his was celebrating their birthday.  Following the party, we left to go to a club at 4 AM.  I have never entered a club at 4 AM ever in my life.  South Americans party in a way I have never partied.  We finally left at 6:30 AM and I was dying.  I bet the rest of the guys could have carried on partying!

Leo and I

     The following day was Friendship Day, an Argentine holiday where all friends get together to hang out.  Delali has a friend from college living in Buenos Aires and Kyle took us to a BBQ.  It was really lovely to meet everyone and we had one of the best BBQs of our entire trip.  I am dreaming about eating this food again as we speak!

Truly obsessed with empanadas!



 La Recoleta Cemetery

     On July 21, I met up with Christian in the evening.  We went to have dinner, and who would have known that pizza in Argentina would be so delicious!  It was nice to see the weather changing from the heat in Brazil.  On this night, there was the most amazing rainstorm with thunder and lightening in the sky.  It was a truly beautiful night in Buenos Aires.

Tango show on the 22nd, our last night in the city.

     On July 23, we had a ferry ticket to go from Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay.  It was hard to leave Argentina because I just didn't feel like I got to see enough.  This trip was all about the World Cup and so these 2 capitals were just a little taste into the other countries.  I can't wait to go back to this amazing country and explore more.  Before leaving, we rushed across town to see our wonderful host of the city one more time, Leo.  Until next time Argentina!  Don't cry for me ;-).

Sailing from one country to the next.

"Love doesn't make the world go 'round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile". -Franklin P. Jones

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