Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello from Uruguay! Montevideo

     Delali and I arrived in Montevideo on July 23rd after taking a boat from Buenos Aires.  We immediately noticed the weather change.  It was absolutely freezing in Montevideo and I did not have the proper clothes at all.  It was refreshing to have cold weather, but this was almost unbearable.  Mauricio picked us up from the dock and we headed home.

     Mauricio, Diego, and Pablo were wonderful hosts.  They all had to work, but when they were home, we all hung out together.  Delali and I definitely spent a lot of our time just relaxing and keeping warm.  Montevideo is quite small and we felt that we had plenty of time to rest and to also be tourists.

     On July 26th, the boys were off work and took us to see the highlights of the capital city.  We went to see where the first World Cup match was played in 1930 and where the final was played between Uruguay and Argentina.  It is crazy to think how many years ago that was now.  84 years!!!  It was such an amazing experience to be at these 2 stadiums... so much history.  Where it all began!  

Uruguay beat Argentina to win the first World Cup 4-2 at this stadium.

First World Cup match was played here.

Diego's favorite team!

     The following day, the boys took us to the center of town to shop and have a wander.  Montevideo certainly has some European touches to it as well.  I really enjoyed walking around and also eating more empanadas.  Seriously, the best food in South America.  I need to make some soon!

     We ended our night together with me preparing some fajitas.  What can I say?  We eat a lot of Mexican food in California and that is what I like to cook.  Lovely time in Montevideo with some great guys.  Thanks for everything boys, was really a pleasure!

     7 weeks in South America came to an end.  6 continents down and 1 more to go (Antarctica).  I love this continent and I can't wait to come back and see so much more of it!  Adios for now!

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home". -Matsuo Basho

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